Top Reasons To Own Luxury Homes In Pelican Marsh Florida

Known as one of the best communities in Naples, as well as a fantastic golf club, Pelican Marsh is the place you want to be. It’s a community that really is dynamic and young, created with an idea that promotes recreational and social activities, understanding the younger generation like having a Pelican Marsh clubhouse. There’s a community center where you can get together with successful people like yourself, and you can also hook up with people that want to play tennis. There is a fitness center that will keep you in tip top shape, plus you can also take advantage of spa services and wellness classes. People that are members of the golf club really consider this part of their lifestyle. It’s an inviting and warm membership which always has a full calendar of things that people are doing. It’s not just about the golf but the social aspect of the game and the dining activities that are also included. Here are additional reasons that you should consider living at Pelican Marsh, one of the best destinations for those that want to live in an exclusive and affluent community.

Best Houses In Naples

The first thing you need to realize is that the homes that are in Pelican Marsh are considered to be some of the best in the Naples area. The entire location is a private gated community, and also serves as a central location to restaurants, shops, and is only 20 minutes to the airport. The houses range from 4000 ft.² to as much as 13,000 ft.² in size. Each community is divided up into different sections, 18 in total, one of which might be right for you.

Best Condominiums In Naples

Another reason that people like Pelican Marsh is the assortment of condominiums in the area. These begin at around 1700 ft.², and they are divided up into eight different neighborhoods. It is possible to get carriage homes, and those that have multiple floors, depending upon what you prefer or what you need. You can enjoy one or two car garages, and you can also add use of Southwest Florida land. Every place in this community is unique, and once you have settled in, you will really begin to realize why you should enjoy living in this gated golf community.

How Do You Find Out What Is Available?

The easiest way is to contact any realtor in Naples that offers these homes on listings. There might be a couple of them, and once you have found the best real estate agent to represent you, they can help you get into one that will be not only to your liking, but also affordable. Even if you have an endless supply of money, it’s always good to get a great deal. It’s really that easy to find out what is available, and subsequently purchase a home or condominium in Pelican Marsh.

The neighborhoods inside of Pelican Marsh will definitely have a home that you will enjoy. It may only take you a few days to find the one you want, and then you can make plans to move in. It’s going to be a dramatic change, one that you will definitely enjoy once you have found the right place for you in this beautiful gated golf community.